EVENT FEATURE: Hachiroku Matsuri 2015 @ Tsukuba Circuit!

Many AE86 (Hachiroku) aficianados will have no doubt seen the plethora of Option videos featuring ‘Drift King’ himself and his AE86, many of which were filmed on location at Tsukuba Circuit. It’s here that every year, the Hachiroku Matsuri takes place where AE86 and GT86 (BRZ and a handful of FRS included) gather from across Japan to battle it out all day long on the track. This year the event was held on 13th, (weekend just gone) and we went along to see what it’s all about! (link to all photos at bottom of the article) Whilst Hachiroku Matsuri may not be as well known as ’86 day’ – August 6th – it’s definitely an event that every 86 fanatic should check out. CLICK BELOW FOR ALL PHOTOS: https://goo.gl/photos/MgMsP8TASk474WmL9 LATEST TOMEI AE86 PARTS: http://www.tomeiusa.com/_2003web-catalogue/030_kisyubetsu_4ag_e.html LATEST TOMEI GT86/BRZ/FRS PARTS: http://tomeiusa.com/_2003web-catalogue/026_kisyubetsu_fa20-e.html