14-year-old Hiroya Minowa debuts at Formula Drift USA!  

14-year-old Hiroya Minowa debuts at Formula Drift USA!  

14-year-old Hiroya Minowa debuts at Formula Drift USA!
And places TOP8 in his first competition in the USA!

Formula-D USA was held at USA Long Beach for two days, from April 12th (Friday) to April 13th (Saturday), 2024.  Supported by RSE/TOMEIUSA, Hiroya Minowa, a 14-year-old driver participated in the race for the first time here.  Hiroya’s engine, the Nissan VR38DETT, uses RSE/TOMEIUSA’s VR41KIT with 272-degree duration camshafts, making it a very durable high-power, strong-torque machine.   He took first place in the 16-car seeding bracket tournament held on Friday to advance to the finals, achieving the feat of finishing in the top 8!

He placed 1st in the seeding bracket to advance to Saturday’s finals!

Hiroya made it through smoothly in Friday’s seeding bracket with 16 competitors.

He competed against Dan Burkett with JZA80 Surpa in the seeding bracket TOP4 battle and won.

He won a close battle with Adam LZ with BMW in the seeding bracket final,

Saturday final: Achieve the feat of TOP8!

In the TOP32 finals, won against Dylan Hughes and safely advanced to the TOP16.
Then, he competed against Kazuya Taguchi, who is also Japanese, on the same team, with the same RSE/TOMEIUSA VR41!
Hiroya won the close battle by a narrow margin and advanced to the TOP8!

In the final TOP8, he competed against Aurimas Bakchis!
Hiroya placed best 8 as he was eliminated here, but it was a brilliant debut race in the USA, with great expectations for the next race.

JYR Teammate-Kazuya Taguchi

This is a one shot of Hiroya’s senior, teammate, and rival, Kazuya Taguchi and Hiroya Minowa, who are working hard with Japanese SAMURAI spirit!

Thank you everyone for your attention and support.

TOMEI/RSE — VR41KIT, Camshaft ,Valve Springs..etc..–

TOMEI/RSE VR38 274 Camshaft

TOMEI/RSE VR38 274 Camshaft

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2024 Formula-D USA Schedule

  1. Streets of Long Beach – PRO 
    April 12-13

  2. Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta – PRO, PROSPEC
    May 9-11

  3. Orlando Speed World – PRO 
    May 31-June 1

  4. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park – PRO, PROSPEC 
    June 20-22

  5. World Wide Technology Raceway – PRO, PROSPEC 
    July 18-20

  6. Evergreen Speedway – PRO 
    August 9-10

  7. Utah Motorsport Campus – PRO, PROSPEC
    August 29-31

  8. Irwindale Speedway – PRO 
    October 18-19

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