MSRP reductions across the line-up!

Thank you for your continued custom and support for TOMEI USA performance parts. To make our products even more affordable, we’ll be reducing the MSRP of many items with effect from February 1st 2016 (read on for full details).

We’ll also be adding new parts/products to our current line-up so stay tuned for the latest information on up-coming new releases!

Part Number Description Previous MSRP New MSRP
252002 4G63-23KIT 85.5mm $4,490.00→ $4,290.00
252003 4G63-23KIT 86.0mm $4,490.00→ $4,290.00
221022 RB28KIT 86.5mm $5,690.00→ $5,280.00
221023 RB28KIT 87.0mm $5,690.00→ $5,280.00
221028 RB28KIT 86.5mm VALVE RECESSED $5,690.00→ $5,280.00
221029 RB28KIT 87.0mm VALVE RECESSED $5,690.00→ $5,280.00
221030 SR22KIT  86.5mm (R)PS13/S14/S15 $3,490.00→ $3,480.00
221031 SR22KIT  87.0mm (R)PS13/S14/S15 $3,490.00→ $3,480.00
221033 SR22KIT  86.5mm RNN14 $4,190.00→ $3,880.00
221034 SR22KIT  87.0mm RNN14 $4,190.00→ $3,880.00
221040 4G63-22KIT 85.5mm $4,490.00→ $4,290.00
221041 4G63-22KIT 86.0mm $4,490.00→ $4,290.00
221046 EJ22KIT $3,490.00→ $3,380.00
Part Number Description Previous MSRP New MSRP
193048 4G63 SLICING BAFFLE FOR EVO4-7 $130.00→ $98.00
193049 4G63 SLICING BAFFLE FOR EVO8-9 $160.00→ $120.00
194001 UNIVERSAL OIL PAN BAFFLE PLATE $90.00→ $68.00
193034 OIL PAN BAFFLE PLATE RB26DETT $200.00→ $120.00
193036 BAFFLE STIFFNER EJ20#/EJ25# $370.00→ $270.00
193035 HIGH PERFORMANCE OIL PUMP RB26DETT $1,840.00→ $1380.00
15010R500 HIGH PERFORMANCE OIL PUMP L6/L4> $200.00→ $150.00
11111R520 OVERSIZE OIL PAN SR20DE(T) PS13/S14/S15 $390.00→ $300.00
193068 N2 OIL BLOCK SR20DE(T) (R)PS13/S14/S15 $120.00→ $90.00
193040 OIL THERMOSTAT KILLER 4G63 EVO4-9 /4B11 EVO10 $60.00→ $45.00
Part Number Description Previous MSRP New MSRP
191134 BLOW OFF VALVE 4G63 EVO4-6 $150.00→ $130.00
191170 BLOW OFF VALVE 4G63 EVO1-3 $150.00→ $130.00
191186 BLOW OFF VALVE 4G63 EVO7-9 $210.00→ $190.00
Part Number Description Previous MSRP New MSRP
195012 INJECTOR 1pc 555cc SIDEFEED RB25DET/VG30DETT/(R)PS13/S14/S15 $180.00→ $140.00
195014 INJECTOR 1pc 555cc TOPFEED RB26DETT/RB20DET/RNN14/(R)S13 $180.00→ $130.00
195015 INJECTOR 1pc 600cc TOPFEED RB26DETT/RB20DET/RNN14/(R)S13 $180.00→ $140.00
195016 INJECTOR 1pc 740cc SIDEFEED RB25DET/VG30DETT/(R)PS13/S14/S15 $190.00→ $140.00
193069 INJECTOR COUPLER $7.00→ $5.00
Part Number Description Previous MSRP New MSRP
183001 FUEL PUMP HCR32/(R)S13/(R)PS13 $480.00→ $360.00
183002 FUEL PUMP ECR33/S14 $480.00→ $360.00
183003 FUEL PUMP ER34/S15 $480.00→ $360.00
183004 FUEL PUMP BNR34 $530.00→ $400.00
17042R585 FUEL PUMP BNR32 $530.00→ $400.00
17042R595 FUEL PUMP BCNR33 $530.00→ $400.00
183012 FUEL PUMP FD3S $270.00→ $200.00
183013 FUEL PUMP JZX100 $270.00→ $200.00
183011 FUEL PUMP 4G63 EVO4-9 $270.00→ $200.00
183020 FUEL PUMP 255L/H $270.00→ $200.00
184001 FUEL PUMP RELAY-HARNESS BNR34 $90.00→ $70.00
191069 FUEL PUMP BRACKET BOSCH $40.00→ $33.00
811037 P.M.B.C. SR20DET (R)PS13 $30.00→ $20.00
Part Number Description Previous MSRP New MSRP
56000S210 HICAS LOCK $170.00→ $98.00
Part Number Description Previous MSRP New MSRP
193056 OIL FILLER CAP NISSAN BUFF(SILVER) $38.00→ $29.00
193065 OIL FILLER CAP MITSUBISHI BUFF $38.00→ $29.00
191280 METAL ORNAMENT PLATE 4G63 $160.00→ $120.00
191169 METAL ORNAMENT PLATE RB26DETT $130.00→ $98.00
191194 METAL ORNAMENT PLATE (R)PS13 SILVER $130.00→ $74.00
191226 METAL ORNAMENT PLATE S14/S15 SILVER $130.00→ $74.00



EVENT: Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 SUMMARY

If you haven’t yet heard of Tokyo Auto Salon – a.k.a TAS – or let alone attended, it’s probably the event to go to if you want to see what JDM cars and tuning is all about. From show cars to race cars, drifters to dragsters, concepts to consumer, it’s all right here in one spot at one of the biggest automotive events to be held in Japan. Seasoned veterans of TAS will have no doubt noticed the growing STANCE community and the presence/influence was definitely felt this year. In contrast, FRS/86/BRZs seemed to be out in fewer numbers although hats-off to Subaru for keeping the the attendees’ interest piqued with their signature blue mean machines. Perhaps it’s the emergence of a certain other new FR sports car on the market that’s stealing the spotlight; more on that later. Most interestingly (or perhaps its just me) there seemed to be a recurring theme with the vast majority of exhibitors this year; make the most of what you have. Yes, we’d all love to have the latest and greatest but in all honesty manufacturers haven’t exactly provided us with much choice, as of late, when it comes to sports cars. Don’t believe me? Just imagine for a second that the FRS/86/BRZ didn’t exist…see my point? So with the slim pickings, more exhibitors instead seemed to be focusing on creating parts and demo cars based on older chassis/models… …or platforms we never would have even considered before! Of course, its just as refreshing to see mash-ups of old and new like this FD sporting a front end more inline with MAZDA’s newest models. And for those who like to go back several generations more, we spotted this old skool cool Datsun Z and wide body R32 on display at the Option booth. Of course this is just a glimpse into what TAS had to offer this year. Over the next couple of days we’ll be showcasing some of the cars that really made the show (with higher resolution images) so stay tuned!  

Video: Motive DVD #15

Here is a sneak preview of the all new Motive DVD #15. Continue reading