Garage Mak
Mr. Tatsuhiro Miyagawa
As we were renewing our demo car and was looking for something with great appearance and visibility, I heard that TOMEI POWERED began carrying Racepak IQ3 and decided to use it. When actually installing, it is very racy and the blue backlight is very visible and this was what we were looking for. The visibility during driving is great and the needed information is displayed on one screen so it is very helpful for the driver. We haven't used the data log function yet since we just installed it, but it has a log function with this pricing so the cost performance is great so we would like to start introducing this item to our customers.
Mr. Naohisa Tazawa
The reason for purchasing the IQ3 was partly because the meter functions could be unified, but largely because the data logger function was included. Usually when installing a data logger in user's vehicle, it's sometimes financially difficult to manage. It is ideal for circuit drivers. Vehicle condition, lap time, each session's time and speed are able to be checked at once, so I can clearly check what kind of condition the customer is demanding. This allows for precise correspondence and make possible for faster set up time. Customer can put their onboard pictures and data on top of another, and check their individual runs. You're able to analyze the good points and bad points and helps you in improvement. From now, even a street driven vehicles will be able to check the condition and runs of vehicle from logs. This is shortcut for time-up.
ケインズ ファクトリー
元々、ショートサーキット中心に走っていましたが、09年よりZ-Challenge RS1クラスに参加しています。

レース中は出来るだけ必要な情報を的確に取得したいと考えていたところ、Racepak IQ3を知り、迷わず導入に踏み切りました。



Scorch Racing
Mr. Haruhiko Takemura
I've dealt with IQ3 in the past, but once TOMEI became a dealer, it came with Japanese installation manual and became easier to deal with.
Not to mention the function as a meter, but log function gives vehicle's condition and allows confirmation of driving and this wide range of usage is very useful for both maintenance side and driving side. In addition, infrared rays were used on side of the course for courses without magnets installed to get lap times, but with IQ3 it is just a push of a button to get the lap time and it's very easy and useful. By using the Track Vision, onboard pictures and driving data can be put together and displayed, so it's useful for various information gathering. This vehicle added 1 USM and brings 8 different signals including oil temperature, water temperature, intake temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, boost pressure, throttle position, and gear position (signal from Holinger). In the future, I'm thinking about adding 1 more USM and add A/F, NOS pressure, and fuel level.
ProStock Racing
Mr. Hiroya Jin
People that drive in circuit for time attack might know, but it is pretty difficult to look at different gauges during time attack. On the other hand, the "Racepak IQ3" is concentrated in one location so it doesn't disturb while driving. Especially myself, I tend to check the tachometer the most, and the merit of this type of concentrated meter is that it is in numerical value with high visibility. Setting of power graph, warning, and shift timing is possible so you can check with a piece of mind. The racy blue backlight is very cool visually. If a vehicle specific meter panel kit is used, blinker and fuel level gauge is also able to be added. You may think that the price is bit high for a mechanical part, but the cost performance will be absolutely better with Racepak IQ3 if you compare it with adding a meter individually. Since it is a overseas item, I was various worries, but with support of TOMEI POWERED I was able to order it with ease.
Yashio Factory
Mr. Kazuyoshi Okamura
I've always known IQ3 because a relative used it before. I ordered immediately when TOMEI POWERED became an authorized dealer. It was a good timing because I was building a vehicle for an endurance race. It is a common sense for one to use a logger for circuit in order to run faster and to analyze their runs. There is no excuse since you can analyze circuit segment time, accelerator and brake timing to how much pressure is applied. It is easy to transfer data to PC since IQ3 uses Micro SD card. You can analyze further once returning home. If you need a mentor, this will let you know how and where with a number. In fact, a great person like me doesn't need one. Above all, the blue backlight is very visible, and a cool meter goes really well with a fast vehicle