Mr. Kazuya Yamamoto
We usually use made in Japan air-fuel ratio meters when tuning but the sales kept recommending it, so I decided to give it a try thinking that I was deceived. I was surprised because by comparison, it was by no means inferior to the air-fuel ratio meter used in the past. With this I can perform tuning with confidence, and the sensor automatically calibrates so it can be left on the vehicle and is easy to use. So until now, I needed to install an air-fuel ratio meter just for tuning, and after tuning was done, I would of course have had to uninstall it when I got a request for tuning. But now, I can recommend the meter to my customers together for them to get a grasp of their vehicles' condition. It is extraordinarily popular since our customers can check their vehicles' air-fuel ratio all of the time. In the case of recently popular V shaped engine equipped vehicles, we tune by putting air-fuel ratio meter on both the left and the right side banks. In V shaped engines, customers are surprised to see
that there is plenty of difference in air-fuel ratio with the right and the left side, and with this pricing it is easy to recommend because it is cheaper than the conventional air-fuel ratio meter even if you install on both sides. The sensor is a consumable goods, but with a pricing of 11,700 Yen, it is reliable. It is highly recommended!
Mr. Takeshi Yamamoto
The expensive made in Japan A/F meter that I used for tuning broke, and I decided to purchase it because there was an introduction from TOMEI at a great timing. Honestly speaking the price was cheap and it was made overseas, so I was worried whether it was able to be used for tuning, and if it failed, I was going to buy the same one from last time. But, I was surprised when I used it.
Generally, you have to wait until sensor warms up to get a correct signal, but with this, it displays precise numerical value in just couple of seconds. With this, it is useful for checking the A/F in cold days or at a circuit when you don't have much time. Also I believe it can be used for long term since it has an automatic calibration function and a built-in protection circuit. I compared the important displayed numerical values with the data of A/F meter which I used before, but there was no change.

I was surprised. Display speed is super fast and it changes linearly. It was too good to just keep it for myself so I introduced it to my friends' shops and made them buy it. This product is really good, and it has a really high cost performance!
Mr. Noritoshi Hayashi
I am very picky with things like this. I was recommended at each visit of my sales representative so I gave it a try, but it is really great!

The most important is accuracy but with comparison with the ones used in the past, there is no problem.

Also, the display speed is fast, and has enough reliability. It isn't that pricy as well, so we have all of our customers install one and perform tuning.

You can check the engine condition each day as well. Lastly don't forget to check the voltage prior to installation!

All this for 35,000 Yen, it's great. I ordered 2 more sets.

TOMEI POWERED International Sales & Project Section
Yuki Sakurai
You there! If you hesitated on purchasing an air-fuel ratio meter until now, and felt that it is too expensive! or too large! even though you wanted to install one, this DM-5 A/F meter is absolutely recommended! I myself purchased the DM-5 White immediately and using it on my own car!
The installation process is comparatively easy with just preparing an opening for the O2 sensor bung and after welding the bung, it is bolt-on so the wiring is with connectors. Also, it includes Japanese translated instruction manual made originally by our company, and sales certificate so the after care service after purchase is great! As for the design, the meter is compactly designed and the largely displayed numerical value in center with red LED is very visible during night or day while driving. Furthermore, the outer area of the meter has color LED changing from rich to lean instantly allowing you to check visually and is very racy. (It has a small start action as an added feature.) On the function side, the O2 sensor is made by highly reliable Bosch, and the durability is splendid thanks to protection circuit on the main body of the module enabling to be installed at all times. It plays a great role in checking your vehicles condition after installing other parts or change in seasons! What I should mention is the precise and quick indication of A/F numerical value. I always have our company's engineer tune at a best setting with this DM-5 A/F meter. (Special privilege of being an employee?!)

The cost performance is really great, and for those of you that have already tuned your vehicle, or for those that are going to be tuning your vehicle, how about purchasing one? For example, you can make full use of the acceleration work and A/F amount in street driving to save gas mileage? The enjoyment of the way of use is infinite.