Rep:@Haruo Kametani
I can recommend TOMEI made engine parts with a peace of mind since I have been using camshafts and piston parts from the drag racing days. This time, our customer that has been driving his C35 since new had overheated his engine, and was going to work on overhauling the engine. He was interested in the RB25, so I examined a menu to make use to the maximum. We decided to build a reliable engine with a mind that the customer will drive his car for a long time. Proposed was the RB28 kit made by TOMEI POWERED. It seems like a full build from RB25 to 28 with a pursuit of speed, but the customer is mainly using the car for commuting. So it is so-called high speed commuting specifications. In actuality, the impression of the customer is that the feeling of the inline 6 is even better, and there is depth in torque so the rpm will rise smoothly with just slightly touching the throttle, and also was impressed with the powerful acceleration.
It seems that the everyday commuting became more comfortable. Such way of enjoying is great too. Hope is even more hyped, and right now stock turbo is used but I have a request for changing out the turbo soon, so that the high speed commuting specification should accelerate even more faster. There might be an image of a terrible engine when you hear of RB28, but with the increase in displacement, the handling of rpm level for city driving becomes more manageable. So we can really recommend to customers that do not rev to higher rpm as well.
Cockpit Wako
Manager Hidetomo Kakiuchi

Long Life with Just Basic Maintenance

At our shop, we have a GT-R as a demo car and since we have been putting effort on working on RB26, we have dealt with many RB26 users. From there, we are especially getting many request for performing 2.8L conversion for producing 500HP to 600HP. When I build an engine for a general user, I can bring up a point that as long as basic maintenance is done, the engine has a long life.

Therefore, the 2.8L conversion becomes effective. By converting to 2.8L from 2.6L, the characteristics of engine's horse power and torque is increased, and even with similar characteristics, it is possible to set the boost at a lower pressure, and there will be less stress to the engine. So we can produce an engine that are easier to drive and that can endure a long life. Of course, 2.8L conversion allows for easier power increase with increasing the boost pressure.

We always use TOMEI RB28 KIT when performing 2.8L conversion at our shop, and the piston profile has been carefully studied, and there is no blow by. Other brands crankshafts requires re-balancing, but the TOMEI's product does not require it with great balance.

Inspi te of the core interval of the connecting rod being short type, there is no abnormal hitting in the piston skirt and cylinder from lateral pressure when revved up to 8000rpm. From these results that were used in our shop, we recommend using the reasonable TOMEI RB28 KIT when performing engine overhaul and tuning.

Rep: Teruhisa Aoki
We have been working on several RB26, but the benefit of stroke increase is great. With the torque becoming lively like a large displacement car from low speed range with just a little throttle, it is clear that even with a city driving car can tell the difference from initial launch. Because the crankshaft is adopted with response in consideration, it will rev up to 8000 rpm without any hesitation and allows to draw the full potential of the RB26. By increasing the capacity of the engine itself, the synergy of camshafts and turbo replacement allows realization for pleasure of driving. When you hear of engine kit, it seems to focus an attention only on the crankshaft, but the piston profile design and connecting rod manufacturing method is closely thought about in TOMEI POWERED RB28 KIT, and there is confidence with these points. With the second generation GT-R owners thinking of overhauling the engine soon, it is a very attractive menu that can be recommended to wide variety of users from street to circuit users.