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Mr. Hideo Suzuki
Perfect for Both EVO 8 MR - 6spd & EVO 7 - 5spd Transmissions, With Better Fuel Economy!
I'm using the tomei 2.3L kit in my own car. What I had noticed was that after the installation, was the sound of the engine completely changed, to a deeper sound. When I depress the clutch, the engine easily picks up. After 2500 RPM the torque is really smooth, like an NA engine. The most impressive range is from 4000-6500 RPM, here the range is really fast and the feel is just amazing. With just the 300cc upgrade, the difference over stock is very noticeably different.

Other brands tend to have vibration problems, but the Tomei design never had this issue. This time we've fitted a Tomei kit in an EVO 8 MR with a 6 speed manual. The last time we fitted the same kit in an EVO 7 with a 5 speed manual. We've noticed that this stroker kit compliments both models very well.
The cars that are equipped with the 6 speed transmission can use the top gear easily and get the best fuel economy due to availability of torque lower in the engines RPM range.
SPEC : EVO VIII MR 2.3L Kit / TD06-25G / V-PRO / Boost 1.6K
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Mr. Tatsuya Saitou
TOMEI 2.2L Used for Over 10 Years, Trouble Free!
Drag racing used to be really popular in Japan a long time ago. I have been using Tomei Pistons since way back in those days. After all these years and the countless of abused performance engines I have disassembled. I have found that the engines that were running Tomei Pistons are always still clean and problem free. I personally have been the Tomei 2.2L kit since it was released over 10 years ago. Still to this day I've never had any problems with mine.

The 4G63 engine design suits high engine speeds but lacks torque. The Tomei 2.2L changes the engines characteristics to an engine with loads of torque and makes it very durable. After upgrading to the Tomei stroker kit, our options on which size turbos we can use was much larger.

We can use any larger turbos on the engine now without concerns. The stock engine has weak Conrods and pistons, so this was always the limiting factor before. But the Tomei stroker kit eliminates those weak points. So now we have much more freedom to do what we want with the car. Another one of our customers has been using his Tomei 2.2L built engine for over 10 years now without any rebuilds and has never had any issues with it. Why don't you try a Tomei 2.2L kit for your 4G63?
Garage G-Force
As tuning progresses there are many reasons behind the use of cams for increased performance gains which also depends on the application as you will not get a complete overall tune for all uses. So you have to choose the cam profile to suit your needs. For example there times when high RPM is desired but without the larger profiles then achieving the desired performance result at that RPM can be hard to achieve. Sometimes the exhaust backpressure is too high which is not only the cause of the exhaust system but also the choice of camshaft profile used may be too large. Controlling the exhaust back pressure is especially important with the 4G63 as it is greatly affected by the camshaft profile. Disregarding some specific performance aspects will still require you to focus on maintaining a balanced engine exhaust back pressure. This is the main reason why we use Tomei Powered camshafts because we can achieve superb exhaust pressure control after repeated test results. With the wide selection of PONCAM and PROCAM range in the LASH or SOLID range helps to achieve the right performance target to suit the userfs needs. These camshafts are the best overall balance for satisfying the desired stable idling, mid range torque and high RPM range. I especially believe that the PONCAM point is when recommended to users they can experience at firsthand the broad feel and rise in boost response with the turbine.
Mr. Yukio Fujita
What I felt initially, also a benefit of 270 degree cams and valve timing but with the wide range of power band was able to reach full boost of 1.6k at 3500rpm. Then 1.6k is kept to 7000rpm! It uses an actuator but the boost is stabilized similar to that of waist gate. This lack of drop becomes feeling of acceleration, and the power is kept beyond 6000rpm when it was coasting with a stock turbo! It's fast! The difference in a boost from 1.5 to 1.6 was just a little with a stock turbo, but with M7960 you can clearly feel the difference between 1.5 and 1.6. Also it overwhelms every stages from stock turbo since the lower speed is not sacrificed. This pricing with this performance. I feel the "Seriousness" of TOMEI. It has been a while since I came across a turbo that I felt like "I'm beaten!" It clears our shop's standard with the feeling of power,
stable boost, wide range of power band, quality, price, visual looks, and matching with high cams. It is certified "I'm beaten turbo."
Mr. Minoru Yamashita
The displacement is 2.0L and the camshafts are stock so I am satisfied with the power. Although skillful setting is needed with the ECU, there is a little drop on the lower speed so it is highly recommended for street driving to circuit use almighty turbo.
I believe it is well designed with the limitations of being a bolt on turbo. In addition, I am satisfied because of substantial accessories with this pricing. It used to have titanium magnesium turbo, so there will be no more concerns of troubles. In the future I am aiming for 420ps with 2.3L.
SPEC : SILVIA@S15 700PS@80Kg / Nitrous oxide system / MOTEC@M400 / TRUST@TD06@25G / Boost 2.2