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Please fill out the following form. If you are approved, we will send out our TOMEI garage banner. Upon receiving the banner, please take some pictures with your car with the TOMEI banner in the background.
REQUIREMENT: Currently using at least one of TOMEI products on your car
Basic Question
* Example : TOMEIMAN (We will only show your nickname together with your garage picture)
* Example: Edward (We won't show your name , just use for shipping items)
* Example: Norton (We won't show your name , just use for shipping items)
* Sorry Japan locations are not eligible. Example: USA,Canada,Korea, Singapore,Republic of Zimbabwe,Italy, Brazil,Thai
* Example: 13 Orchard 107
Example: Lake Forest
Example: WY (Wyoming)
Example: 92630
* Example: +1-949-855-6577
* Example:
Example : @tomei_powered
* Example: Nissan
* Example: PS13 Silvia K's
* Example: SR20DET
* Example: 1991
* Example:Expreme Ti Muffler and Ti test Pipe and SR22 Stroker kit and technical Trax LSD 2Way
* Example: SR22 GTX3076 R with TOMEI Poncam258 Maximum Boost 1.6kg 520hp/8200rpm
* We are unable to proceed to the next step if you are not able to agree to the conditions. The name and address will be kept confidential, however, your photo will be shared and used on TOMEI’s website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.
* #Please Choose Privacy Requirement of Your License Plate Number

Please choose either one of Black or White.
Please select one of your size (Only American men's sizes available )
* Please upload photos of your car (less than 1mb please)
* Please upload a picture of your current any TOMEI Parts.

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