Media: Tomei TS Sunny on

Today we were delighted to find the Hirota Tomei Sunny on As it says on Speedhunters, this is the Datsun Sunny race car that Tomei has been supporting since 1998. It still races at the JCCA race events today. The Tomei A12 race engine that is built and maintained by Tahara-san, more on this in the near future. The office on weekends. It has lots of windows around the desk, so you get plenty of light. Family time, The Hirota family like to spend their weekends together, sharing the same hobbies. TRD Tosco wheels, a blast from the past. The weekend cruises and relaxation is usually enjoyed at a comfortable 8,500 RPM.  When excited it shoots higher. Thank you to Dino at Hirota Website JCCA Event website (in Japanese only)


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