Event: Motorsports Japan 2012 Part 2

Following up from Part 1 of this 2012 Motorsports festival  event coverage in Tokyo Odaiba, we have more photos for you.

Drift fans will recognise this parking area as the D1GP Tokyo Drift round venue. For those of you who will travel to Japan, you can see the monorail in the background. The monorail would be the easiest way to get to this place, as there is a station on the left. (Just out of the shot). This station is the closest to the venue.


As you can see, the event was PACKED with motorsports fans and car lovers. Sundays are always much more busier as there are many Japanese people who still work on Saturdays.

As mentioned in part 1, there were a lot of Subarus at this event.

So many companies, manufacturers and more had booths at the event. Tire companies are always at these events, showcasing cool cars and also their products.

The rare to see in public LF-A can be found at special events like this. This is the Gazoo Racing LF-A race car.

Oh and the car wasn’t only just sitting there for looks, it was out in the open doing some tire destroying demos!

Celebrities and famous drivers are also present.

High end race cars are also on display.

The motorsports festival is usually held near the end of the year, so most professional race cars can be present. Because most race events already have completed their season by the time this event is held.

Oh and if you were wondering about the Subaru’s, our staff member who took the photos is mad about Subaru.

Super GT 300 and 500 class cars are also on display.

Here is the NISMO GTR, powered with a V8.

The red cross were there too. That police officer is in his full patrol bike uniform. Believe it or not, there are die hard geeks (otakus) who are into these kinds of things too. Some try to build replica patrol cars and bikes.

The bike scene is pretty big in Japan.

Here is the old Toms Racing Supra.

The old Castrol Toyota Celica Rally car. This was one of my personal favorites back in the day. I used to love watching this car when it was competing in WRC. The Celica won numerous WRC series, and other race categories too. WRC Driver’s Titles with Carlos Sainz, Juha Kankkunen and Didier Auriol.


Within walking distance, you can also find this full size Gundam replica.