Event: JCCA Final Round

The weekend before was the final round of the JCCA race.  It was held at the ever popular Tsukuba Circuit. The weather on the day kept changing, from dry to wet conditions. The Hirota Tomei Sunny wasn’t at the event this time, however this “24 Advan Sunny was there. This is also another car which is powered by a Tomei A12 race engine. The race being the final round for the season, the pressure was on. Our A Series race engine meister, Tahara-san was at the event. He was there on his day off to help support those who were running the Tomei race engines that he built. You can see him here helping #23 car with their setup. Setups were always changing due to the poor changeable weather conditions. Right before the race started, it started to rain, so everyone had to remove their slick tires and use their wet weather tires. #24 qualified for pole position. See our old logo, back from the 60’s and 70’s. After 15 laps of heated competition in the wet, Takizawa-san finished in 2nd place.   With the final award ceremony and speeches held indoors, the warm friendly atmosphere that these dedicated privateers and restorers had a good gathering. So with the season over, everyone was looking forward to next years JCCA event. With thanks to Yokohama tires for the support that they gave to this series, we hope the season will be bigger next year with hopefully more entries. These cars are all special, if you are into classic cars and race cars, do try to make it out to one of these events if you happen to be in Japan at the time.