Event: 1JZ Drift Meet at Fuji

Last Sunday was a double event at Fuji Speedway. The R’s Meet as well as the All Japan 1JZ Drift Meeting was on. We were at both with a booth at both sides. This 1JZ meet, we have the 1JZ PONCAMS, ARMS M8280 Turbo Kit and the Kenji Yamanaka JZX100 Mark 2 demo car on display. Here is a photo of our booth. With the all new prototype cast 1JZ headers. The Tomei Cast headers for the 1JZ will be coming soon. So keep checking back for more updates on this new exciting product!   We will release the new 1JZ EXPREME Outlet pipe next month too.   Kenji’s Mark 2 JZX100 is running our ARMS Turbo, PONCAMS, prototype headers,   Racepak IQ3, Haltech Platinum Pro 2000 ECU, PLX DM-6 gauges. Kenji Yamanaka was at the event as well, to drift his car and put on a show for the fans and 1JZ owners. He’s such a nice guy and very approachable. This truck trailer was used as a stand for announcements and interviews. There was even a DynaPack there too. Setup just for the day. Another car fitted with Tomei parts. The 1JZ and 2JZ scene is still very strong in Japan. Another cool pro drift car. This sleeper is no ordinary daily driver, it has a hint or 2 of something “extra” that has been done to it. It’s a big event, lots of 4 door saloon cars. Have a look at the video to see some action!