Event: 2012 R’s Meeting

Last weekend, on the 16th Sunday, was the R’s meet at Fuji Speedway. This is an annual big GTR meet in Japan.

We were there with our Tomei booth,

showcasing our products.

With an ADVANCED SPEC Engine Limited Edition complete crate motor, ARMS turbos, Expreme Exhaust Manifolds, Outlet pipes, Ti Muffler, Ti Straight Pipes, Oversized Valves, Valve springs and RB Camshafts on display. We also had our VR38 Camshafts on display.

Since we are also official distributors for Haltech and Racepak in Japan, we had those items on display too.


Here was our staffs car,

which had the prototype Titanium front pipe on display.

The booths table that had all GTR goodies.

We were busy with many guests stopping by our booth. Even those who came all the way to Japan from overseas for the event.


Other companies were there as well. Including Endless



RAYS Wheels

With some super cool demo cars too.





There was a club RH9 section too.

It is a BIG club.

Small tuning shops were there too. Like Top Secret.



G Force

and many more….




Garage Saurus.






Nismo’s Omori Factory.

Kansai Service








Even the OG Old School Skylines were out.






With a variety of entertainment too.


The car park was enough to make any GTR geek go weak at the knees.


Some rare 400R BCNR33 GTR

Rare 4 door version too.


Let’s not forget the Group A specs too.

So till next time!