EVENT: Formula D Las Vegas 2012 Aug 25

The next round of Formula D, is on this weekend!

This weekend will be round 6 of the Formula D series. These are our sponsored drivers at the event.



CAR #84 : Nick D’Allesio

Entered with a JDM RHD S13 vehicle, powered with a 1JZ engine. Nick’s engine has TOMEI ARMS Turbo M8280, Adjustable Cam Pulleys, Poncams & the EXPREME Outlet pipe (test prototype) fitted, making over 500HP at the wheels.


CAR #951 : Cyrus Martinez

Cyrus is also using an S13 240SX chassis, with a lot of TOMEI parts installed in his SR20DET powered machine!


CAR #16 Enrique Mendoza

This years rookie, Enrique, actually works for a Toyota dealership during the weekdays, and thrashes his S13 240SX at Formula D. He is also powered with an SR20DET, and is using  Tomei Poncams & Tomei Technical Trax 2 Way LSD.



Good luck Guys!!