ADVANCED SPEC ENGINE for BNR34 is now Sold Out! Thank You!

TOMEI RB26 ADVANCED SPEC ENGINE has been recently popular as the bare foundation for high end tuning, and also as an optional alternative means for refreshing the aged power-plant. We regret to inform you that our ADVANCED SPEC ENGINE for the BNR34 GTRs, is now, sold out. So this means that it is now discontinued. Only few complete units remain available for the BNR32 and the BCNR33 GTRs. So please keep that in consideration. Time is running out. Once those have been sold, they too will be discontinued.    

BNR34 Limited Edition Sold out

BNR34 Sold out

BNR32/BCNR33 4 Units in stock


BNR32/BCNR33 Limited Edition 1 Unit in stock

  for more details, click here THE ADVANCE SPEC BUILD ADVANCE SPEC