Tomei Dealer: Kaizen Tuning shop visit

The previous month, we visited our dealer who are situated  just outside of Boston Massachusetts, Kaizen Tuning.


It was our first time to head over to that side of the USA. Driving to Acton, through Lexington was great. The scenery here, was so beautiful.


Some of you JDM fans might dream of living in Japan. However, the simple things in life, you take for granted. For me, it was space. Seeing this much space made me feel homesick in a way (because I am from Australia).


In the US, it seems that having this much space is somewhat, normal, well on the outskirts of the city at least. In Japan, just to have a car, you’ll have to rent a car space before you can even transfer the car into your name.

Imaging just how many cars you can park in that driveway. I’d have a go-kart track on this property if it were mine.

Kaizen had a neat compact shop that was specializing in Japanese sports cars mainly. Lots of Subaru Imprezas, Skyline GTRs and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions.

You can see John in the background, next to Kaizens R35 GTR Demo car.


This R35 GTR looks simple and clean. I like it a lot. There’s something about white sports cars that grabs my attention…. well apart from Ferrari Red.

These GRB sedans are much more popular in the US than they are in Japan.


Here is Mark who is part of the team, they were busy getting ready to go to the big Subaru event that time, the Wicked Big Meet.


Jon was making some custom work for the time attack car.


Jon loves his job,


Mr. RB26 is what he is called, for the RB26 tattoos on his arm, I call him Sparky.


This is a popular style of handheld fan in Japan, called an “Uchiwa”.


Good to see ADVAN tires and wheels growing in popularity in the US as well. Tomei has a long history with ADVAN as well.

Scott’s R35 is looking clean. Just black & white.

With the hint of some extra fun….


“Sparky” at the Subaru event.


One of Kaizen’s customer, Charles, who owns a very nice tuned up R35 GTR (Also in white).


Charles GTR has extra horses that move the beast when needed.

Johnny P. was there, another KT Tuned R35 customer of Kaizen. I didn’t get the chance to grab a shot of his car. It’s also white!


Kaizen Tuning has grown rapidly in the short time they’ve been in business. So Kaizen now has a new shop and facility being built specifically to suit the business needs. This is the new shop, which was opened earlier this  month.


Getting there is also a nice drive through some nice residential areas. It was not that far from the old premises, just 10 minutes by car.


With a more spacious showroom.

It will also have a lounge and more.


In the main area, is where all the fun will be. around 6 car lifts, large work area,


A big room back there specifically for the AWD Chassis Dyno.

They will handle everything related to a complete performance service for all performance cars, and more..


We can’t wait to see this place completed.

the Dyno room,

Getting pieced together, that is where the Dyno Dynamics AWD Dyno will be.

Did I mention that I miss having space?

Another Subaru GRB. There were a LOT of these cars around that side of the US. I guess all that snow in winter helped make these even more popular.

The new place is HUGE and will be great. I have high hopes for this new facility.

I’ve noticed that everything in the US is BIG. Even these rocking chairs were BIG. Compared to that BIG umbrella, the BIG chairs made that table and umbrella looks small.

I had a great lunch with Scott from Kaizen, a BIG Lobster burger! Thanks Scott! I am really missing that burger now. If I were able to find one like that here, I’m sure it will cost me at least double.

So if any of you are in the Massachusetts area, drop in and see Kaizen Tuning.

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