Event: JCCA Tsukuba ADVAN TOMEI Sunny Takes the Win!

Last Sunday was the JCCA “Tsukuba Meeting Summer” classic car race event.   At this race event, there were 2 entries in the F Race class that had our race engines. The main rival, were the high powered Fairlady Z race cars.   No. 24 Race Car, ADVAN Tomei Sunny.   No. 23 Race Car, Tomei Powered Race engine in the Takazawa Racing Sunny. Driven by Takazawa-san.   Due to the changeable weather conditions, the decision to stay with slick tires despite the morning rain, proved the best choice in the end. Adjustments were made to the suspension with the help of Yokohama tire engineers who were there on the day to help. After the pre-race run, the conditions made it even more harder to decided which setup to go with. This also helped keep the high powered Fairlady race cars on the edge.   Final adjustments were made.   With luck, the weather cleared up and with it, the track too. So the ADVAN Tomei Sunny was able to secure pole position. Tahara-san, our A Series race engine builder was there to support the teams. and even GT Driver Masami Kageyama was also on the grid to give support!   From the start, the Fairlady Z had the early advantage with it’s power, coming up from behind. Then from the 1st corner, the Sunny was able to start opening gap. With the difference being really close at first. But with a close heated battle, the Sunny took the win!   The Sunny race cars clearly rule at Tsukuba circuit. These were the 2 Datsun race cars that were powered with Tomei race engines. Congratulations guys! The next race event will be in October. JCCA Website