PROCAMS for the G4KF Hyundai Genesis Coupe are now available! With increased performance options!

INTAKE 270 & 280 Durations x11.5mm Lift // EXHAUST 270 & 280 Durations x 11.0mm Lift


The stock camshaft specifications are designed for general daily driving conditions. For all round, maximum reliability and fuel economy. However, when it comes to high engine speeds at performance extreme conditions, the stock camshaft profiles limits the engines potential, lacking in peak power. This is where high cam lift and larger durations are required. These professional camshaft profiles are specifically designed to suit various competition conditions. So with the added option of our various profiles, you can chose to suit your needs. For peak power, torque gains and high engine speeds.


TOMEI’s engineers have carefully selected specific materials when manufacturing our products, to suit the profiles, applications, and conditions.

You can see that our cams are like the stock cams, these will support the Hyundai Variable Valve timing feature.

Here are the cams on their own.

The Intake Camshaft

The Exhaust Camshaft


NOTE: These Procam camshafts will require the use of our Valve Springs.