Event Formula D THE GAUNTLET – Elite JDM

Here is an update from our friend, Nick of Elite JDM, from Round 4 Formula D at New Jersey.

Round 4 of Formula D was held at The Wall track in New Jersey USA, on the June 22 (Friday) and 23rd  (Saturday).

Nick was out at the event with his 1JZ powered S13, equipped with our products.

TOMEI ARMS M8280 turbo,

TOMEI Technical Trax LSD,

TOMEI Adjustable Cam Pulleys

TOMEI Camshafts.


Nick of Elite JDM , being a rookie of FD this year, is under powered (compared to the rest), and new to the scene. Yet you can see him doing well going toe to toe with the giants and made it to the best 32!


Nick did his best to get into the finals. but he was still getting used to the new changes made on the car, just days prior to the event. Nick did give it his all despite missing out of the top 16. Still what a good effort he did to compete up against the other 5.7L V8 high powered machines!


Here’s a video of a run Nick had with Daigo.

Smoking is not always bad for your health.


There was even a RC replica of Nicks FD Machine.


The next round is at Evergreen Speedway, Seattle, Washington (Saturday) (Friday) 21 July 20!

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