EVENT: 2012 JCCA Race Round 1 – Datsun Sunny ADVAN gets podium

At times you wish you could be more than one place at the same time. Last weekend, we had 2 events on the same weekend. The 1st round of D1GP; in Tokyo, Odaiba and the 1st round of the JCCA race event. The JCCA is the historical car race series. This round was held at Fuji Speedway. Last years 1st round was cancelled due to the mega quake disaster. This “ADVAN Tomei Sunny” B110 car, #24, was entered in the F-Class. The Hirota Tomei Sunny wasn’t entered in this race this time, since the owner had other commitments on the same day. This car is 1 of 5 cars in this series that is powered by our A12 engine. It makes around 180HP at the wheels. not bad considering the engine is only 1303cc.   The Advan Sunny qualified for 3rd position on the grid. Here you can see our famous A series, Datsun loving engine builder and engineer, Tahara-san (left). All ready to go! The race being a 7 lap heat battle, made it a fun race to watch and to be in. Since it’s short, these drivers give all they have. Pushing the cars to their limits. The ADVAN sunny, ended up finishing 3rd. Pretty good considering that this car is only 1303cc. First and 2nd place cars are running 6 cylinder larger displacement engines. Tetsuya Nunoura gets to celebrate 3rd place this time. Congratulations! We’ll be showing you more updates this year on this #24 Advan race car. So for now, enjoy the video below from last years NISMO Festival race. Next race will be at the world famous short course, Tsukuba Circuit.      JCCA