Korean Drift Masters – Hyundai Genesis overload Part 3

Korean street sign post, the top one suited this event best.

Before visiting South Korea, I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure what the scene was like, so it was a great experience to see something, different, for a change.

A DJ booth setup, with beats playing at full blast all day.

350Z’s are common in the US, Japan and in various countries. What makes this one a bit different, is that it’s being drifted in South Korea.

As mentioned in the 1st post, this Corvette is famous in Korea. There was a youTube video put up online of some driving antics in the city one night (looks like the video is no longer online). Well, these cars are VERY rare in Korea. I think this is only one Corvette in Seoul. So the police got the car and impounded it for a few months. The owner only just got it back in time, to do the livery and enter this drift event.

Hot 6 energy drink cans, hanging off the back.

SG staff

A sea of Genesis Coupes, well almost.

Kwans car sporting a lot of familiar stickers.

Here is Kwan in mid slide, pushing his 4 cylinder turbo. This year, he’s got a new fresh build, with a new paint job.

Richard, having a very under-powered car, pushes the limits with faster entries. Good thing that he has a lighter exhaust, system. The Tomei Titanium cat back system.

This car, got an aggresive love tap from the Yellow Corvette. The new stance made it looking more unique.

This team had 3 cars out at the event. They all looked almost the same with the same colour and livery.

This red Nissan Silvia S15 was looking more original. This was imported from Japan a while back.

It runs a number of Tomei products too.

there are a few cars running NOS. NOS is getting popular with these drivers. In Japan, NOS is still only used by D1 cars. Mainly because it isn’t easy to get refills in Japan, and the cost of the refills …

So this is it for the coverage of the Drift Masters event. This year, there’s been changes. It will be interesting to see what evolves in the Korean drift scene this year.

Tomei is still developing more products for these cars, so you can expect to see some more updates soon, of new product releases for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

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