MX5 Miata – By Car Make Corn’s

Not exactly a hairdressers car. This current shape MX5 Miata is far from the average girly car. It belongs to a tuning shop in Japan that specialises in performance & tuning of these small pocket rockets. Car Make Corn’s shop. They are building this car to be used as a race track car as well as being their shops demo car. Initially they were thinking about designing their very own performance headers. Then they found the Tomei Expreme Headers and cat back products. So now they are using the Tomei Expreme products in their demo car. The Tomei system is a complete system. Headers + front pipe + cat back muffler system. The factory stock exhaust headers are unequal length. The Tomei Expreme headers are a 4-2-1 equal length design. This design will allow you to clearly feel the difference. The staff at Car Make Corn’s had expressed that the low to mid range torque is simply, amazing. The top end is still much better than stock. Their demo car is still not yet 100% completed, so stay tuned for more updates in the future! Car Make Corn’s