Tomei User: Lorenzo’s AE86

Here is a personal ride of one of our staff members.


This AE86 is a light tuned Corolla Levin, half of the car is FRP (Fiberglass), from Run Free and CBY (Crystal Body Yokohama) panels & aero.

The previous engine setup was getting tired,

So Allen thought it was time to refresh the engine to give it some “new life” again.

Majority of the parts that were already in the car was re-used (as there will be more changes made in the near future).

Now fitted, an all new Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Type-S & a Tomei Fuel Pressure Gauge.

The build time took a slow pace, overall, 6 months, with some custom made parts.


In this modest little Garage that is tucked away in the backstreets in Kanagawa, Kai Engineering.



Once the build was completed, the previous Apexi Power FC was removed, and an all new custom Haltech loom was used,



for the Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ECU. Here you can see Yoshino-san going through the setup phase in the Haltech Halwin software.

Yoshino-san usually does a street tune, which he is very good at. Considering space is a real issue in Japan, not that many shops actually have a chassis Dyno. This time, Yoshino-san was able to use the old Chassis Dyno at Tomei for this car.

Yoshino-san is as meticulous as they come. He started the setup & mapping process just after 12 noon, kept at it checking everything, all the way till around 9pm that night!

Here is another angle from Motegi Twin Ring Circuit.

Still there is more that Allen wants to do to this Corolla.


So time will tell, how this car will turn out.


Car specs (Last updated in Feb 2012)

Base: Toyota Corolla Levin
Chassis: AE86

Watanabe Racing R-Type 14″ x 8.5J @Front
Watanabe Racing R-Type 14″ x 9.0J @Rear
ADVAN NEOVA Tires for Front
NEXEN Cheapies for Rear
Super Lightweight Duralumin Race Wheel Nuts
HBK 20mm longer wheel studs

Vented & Slit Disc Rotors all round
RUN MAX Braided Brake lines

Custom Coilovers front with camber adjustable tops
Cusco Adjustable Tension Rods (Caster Rods) with the Cusco reinforced mounts as well
Nagisa Auto Adjustable Inner Tie Rods
Nagisa Auto Adjustable Pillow Ball Outer Tie Rods
TRD Reinforced Bushes
TRD Rear Sway bar
TRD 8 way Adjustable rear shocks
TRD Bushed Upper Rear Control Arms
Pillow Ball (Rose Jointed) Adjustable Super Thick Custom Lower Control Arms

OS Giken STREETMASTER Single Metal Clutch with Chromoly Flywheel (2011 released model)
Run Max Braided Clutch Line
TOMEI Technical Trax 2 Way LSD
4.778 Final Drive Kit (with 5.375 TRD ratio spare)
Brake Booster removed

ENGINE (New spec built by KAI ENGINEERING in Kanagawa, Japan)
AE92 base
Compression Ratio 12.8:1
Bore : 81.0mm
Stroke : Stock 77.0mm
Managed by Haltech Platinum Sport 1000
Engine loom is now all “Haltech Autospec Flying Lead Kit Long”
SK Intake manifold with Webber funnels and inner venturi’s
Tomei PROCAMS Camshafts INTAKE: 288 x 10.0mm Lift / EXHAUST: 280 x 10.0mm Lift
TRD 0.8mm Metal Head Gasket
TRD Valve Springs
Custom Design Forged Pistons
Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Type-S
Tomei Fuel Pressure Gauge
Trust Oil Cooler Kit (removed during winter)
Aftermarket 4-2-1 headers
Toda Racing Exhaust System (with the Toda decat pipe)

RUN FREE Fiberglass Front Bar
RUN FREE Fiberglass Front Fenders (guards)
RUN FREE Fiberglass Side Steps
RUN FREE Fiberglass Rear Bar
CBY Fiberglass rear hatch with the stock dampers (many other makes in Japan don’t have this)
Unknown Fiberglass Bonnet
CUSCO 5 Point Roll Cage

Recaro Bucket Seat (Driver Side)
Bride Reclineable Bucket Seat (Passenger Side)
Omori 52mm Oil Temp Gauge
Omori 52mm Oil Pressure Gauge
AEM Digital Wideband Air / Fuel Gauge
TRD Gear Knob


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