Tomei User: Keiichi Tsuchiya’s AE86 by Tec-Arts

For all those AE86 fans around the world, this car needs no introduction. Tsuchiya’s own personal Sprinter Trueno has been featured and used in videos for a number of years. As almost all of you know, he had been using the AE111 20V engine for some time. Now the car is taken care of by Tec Arts, the famous AE86 specialist tuning shop in Tokyo. Tec Arts have built a new engine for Tsuchiya, and it is a 7A with the AE111 20V head. This car is using the TOMEI 20V Poncams and this is the Dyno Graph from the power check after the tune. Our 120 degree intake valve timing, is the perfect valve timing that suits both the AE101 and the AE111 20 valve engines. PONCAM 4AGE 20 Valve Camshafts


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