SCALED HISTORY: EBBRO Maruzen Technica 240ZG GC 1972 No.84

The all new EBBRO 1/43 Scale Maruzen Technica 240ZG No. 84 racecar. This is a replica of our old TOMEI race car that was raced in 1972 by the founders brother. The late Mr. Seiichi Suzuki For those of you who didn’t know, the number 84 has always been our race car number. Hence the reason why we always use that #84 on all our race cars. Well, even on our company cars licence plate numbers too. The colouring is the same with the current TS Datsun Sunny race car that will be running this weekend at the NISMO Festival. Here’s how it looks in it’s original packaging. It’s now available in Japan at certain hobby shops. Officially licenced from NISSAN MOTOR Co. Ltd and only a limited batch were made. 1/43 Scale by EBBRO.


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