Valve Guides – for VR38 and CA18!

Phosphorus Bronze (Cn-Sn-P Alloy), Superior Against Wear & Heat.


The Valve Guides purpose is to disperse the heat from the valve. High in strenght for durabilty, the heat conductivity and wear resistance rates are all an absolute requirement on the Valve guides material choice. The selected materials as used by the car manufacturers are mainly chosen for the cost savings reasons and are not designed to cope with high engine speeds and excessive loads.

The TOMEI Valve Guides are made from Phosphorus Bronze material for it’s characteristics of efficient heat dissipation, from the Valve to the Cylinder Head. Also for it’s high durability characteristics in extreme conditions which is strong against cracking.


This tuning service is available at Tomei HQ. The cylinder head must be sent in for the upgrade.

The cylinder head is baked up to 200 degrees celcius, which then allows the guides to be installed easily.

The valve guides are then frozen in Liquid Nitrogen to – 200 degrees celcius for an easier and safer installation. When the cylinder head cools down & the valve guides warm up, they will then bed well together, giving the sealing required.



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