New Application: Bery Rings for the VR38!

We’ve had these Bery-Rings in our line up for a while, but now we are happy to announce a new addition for the Nissan GTR R35 VR38 engine!! Beryllium Copper Alloy (BeCu) for Durable & Efficient Heat Dissipation! The valve seat has to maintain an airtight seal with the valve whilst minimizing wear. The higher engine speeds and stress loads with performance engines comes the cooling efficiency of the valve seat, which is a key factor in engine power output results. At high engine speeds and loads, the cylinder head and especially around the combustion chamber area will tend to overheat, which can easily lead to engine knock. The standard seat ring can crack easily as well as it is not designed for performance use. Tuned engines will greatly benefit when the valve seat can improve cooling efficiency. With the TOMEI up rated valve train components, the mechanical strength properties of Beryllium Copper alloy increased durability and improved thermal conductivity was achieved. The standard seat rings can’t dispearse heat effectively, which then causes areas like this to crack. TOMEI TUNING SERVICE IN JAPAN TOMEI also offers expert services to upgrade cylinder heads and more here in Japan. Here is a quick peak on how we upgrade the seat rings here. First, we removal of the stock valve seats and then carefully prepare the head for the new seats (the Bery-Rings). We then use the pre-made Bery-Rings that we have in stock. We can also custom make new Bery-Ring designs to suit any application if they are not already available in our current range. The cylinder head is heated up to 200℃ and the seats are frozen in Liquid Nitrogen down to -197℃, before being inserted so to mate well with the new housing. Then it is finished off properly with more machining, multi-angled Valve Seat cuts and port correction as well.


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