Video: Corolla AE86 in Spain Historic Rally 2011 – Santos Sanjuan

Here is a nice video of an AE86 Corolla competing in a classic car rally event in Spain! It’s good to see an old Japanese favorite car as clean as this one being used as it’s meant to be used. Driver: Juan Carlos Santos Navigator: Rodrigo Sanjuan Car: Toyota Corolla AE86 Group A TOMEI 4AG PARTS RANGETomei Poncam Camshafts – 4AGE 16V Tomei Procam Camshafts – 4AGE 16V Tomei Poncam Camshafts – 4AGE 20V (OUT NOW!) Tomei Procam Camshafts – 4AGE 20V (OUT NOW!) Tomei Pistons 4AGE 16V Tomei Conrods 4AGE Tomei Full Counter Crankshaft Tomei Reinforced Timing Belt Tomei Metal Exhaust Gasket Tomei Reinforced Head Studs Tomei Reinforced Main Studs Tomei Reinforced Flywheel Bolts Tomei Crank Ladders


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