Straight Down Pipe & Metal Cat for Subaru GDB Applied C/D

You’ve asked for it, We’ve made it! T/C FLANGE The main port and actuator diaphram are kept seperate. This will allow a smoother exhaust flow. EXIT SIDE FLANGE The main pipe is Φ70.0mm which then tapers to a Φ60.5mm so you can use the stock gasket and muffler. We also have a special Titanium muffler system for this car. LAYOUT The enlarged pipe diameter significantly reduces the exhaust resistance with the elimination of the catalyst. This also enhances the cars handling. APPLICATION: GDB APPLIED C/D PART NUMBER: 193096 Exclusively Designed For Competition Use Overall Configuration EXPREME METAL CATALYZER The 75-70-60mm 3 stage pipe diameter generates both power and torque. With the best bend angle, we were able to achieve the highest performance and best quality. STANDARD Φ60mm pipe throughout. The diameter is narrower, tighter bend angles reduces exhaust efficiency. METAL CATALYZER 150cpsi type was chosen for it’s excellent exhaust efficiency & cleaning performance. FEATURES – 0.1mm thin foil type is used for minimal pressure loss & maximum output. – Strong against mechanical impacts & thermal shocks (rapid heating and cooling). – The heat capacity is small enough to activate the catalyst earlier. – The high grade materials used promotes long life durability with minimal wear rate. – The welding of the Catalyzer helps prevent the transmission of heat. APPLICATION: GDB APPLIED C/D PART NUMBER: 193095 OUT NOW!!


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