Event: HachiRock Festa! 2011 Report – Part 1

The annual big AE86 meet was on again, the HachiRock Festa! This event is held every year at the Sagamiko Pleasure Forest Park.

This place has a lot of parking lots inside as well as some camp sites. On the way to the 4th car park where the meet was, I came across these Levin bros.

These 2 cars caught my attention. This one in particular has a special paint job done on the bonnet.

This low Levin is sporting the Run Free kit (which I also have on my car).

The coupe had a more simple look, yet like it’s darker brother, just shows charisma.

The black raw looking hatch has the same special paint finish on the rear hatch. Looks like it was sanded back to metal and then coated with a clear red finish.

The coupe looks kinda stock, but you can tell it’s also a badboy.

Low, raw and rough, just the way I like it!

There were other interesting old school cars that turned up.

Like this Carina for example.

sporting one of my favorite old school rims, Longchamps XR4

A nice surprise for the day, was this Datsun Sunny with pumped flares to fit those deep dish SSR’s.

Check out the stretch! Oh and that’s the Husband and Wife in the car with their kid too.

mind you, there were a few AE86 cars with the wrong wheels too.

Now at the main gathering area, it was a big turnout.

This guy was working on his car in the midday heat. Not sure about the wheels on the next one…..

Super clean white Trueno riding on the new Rays TE37V’s.

more white 86’s,

Some were left original.

The 2 most popular types. Red Levin and the white Trueno.

Some even had some spares available for sale, super cheap bargains as well.

There were many 20valve conversions.

about 70% of the cars were running open throttle bodies.

Now THIS car really caught my eye.

it was truly unique, to say the least

the whole car was raw,

yet, had something different about it

a hint of darkness about it

Loving the wheel fitment too.

Someone no longer wants their interior either. I’m sure that there are many AE86 owners in other countries who would love to have the black interior.

After living in Japan for a while, this is just a normal look.

More to come soon in Part 2!

20Valve Camshafts COMING SOON! (The image above is our current 16Valve camshafts)


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