Event: Japanese Classic Car Show

The Japanese Classic Car Show was held over the weekend. We had one of our members at the event, and here are the photos of the cars on display.

The event was held at Long Beach, and there is this historical attraction. The Queen Mary.

Dare to stay aboard the Queen Mary? Find out more here!

As usual, there were many who attended the event to see the classic cars.

Typical American food that most of us have grown to love.

Spot the Hello Kitty!

This Mazda makes an appearance once again.

We still love the old Celica look.

Not sure about the Honda heart,

a number of die hard Toyota fans will not be too keen on this.

Very very clean interior.

Love the mustang looking rear end. GT2000 anyone?

Comes with the S2000 Digital Dash!

The ever popular Toyota Supra JZ80

sporting a Japanese number plate too.

Some interesting shirts too.

lots of manufacturers and vendors had booths at the event as well.

a very very clean AE86.

with an AE111 20valve engine swap.

even more AE86 Corolla’s, still keeping their popularity!

The F20C seems to be the popular engine swap choice state side.

Someone hates pistons I see.

an NA oil burner!

A nice blue 16valve 4AGE

interesting bonnet holder

Kind of has that Hawaiian theme going for it.

SR20 swap on this old Datsun

The Datsun lineup

even a collection of bikes were on display too.

more to come soon!


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