Formula D Driver: Cyrus Martinez

Introducing, Formula D Pro. driver; Cyrus Martinez.

Cyrus Martinez is already well known in the US since having been actively competing in the Professional Formula D series.

Unlike most competitors in the FD championship now, Cyrus is still running the Nissan SR20DET engine. His loyalty to his cars true origins of retaining the SR20DET power plant has also increased his popularity in the Nissan community. This has also impressed the members at Tomei Powered and we respect Cyrus for that.

Dedicated and devoted, he always puts on a good performance and show, always giving his absolute best performance for all.

Cyrus is also a Fan of Tomei and has some Tomei products in his car.

The car is running these Tomei Products

Tomei 270 Procams
Tomei Metal Head Gasket
Tomei Ornament Plate
Tomei Oil Cap

We will be following more on the progress of Cyrus at Formula D. So stay tuned for more updates in the near future.




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