PRICE DROP! – Tomei N2 Oil Block

We are happy to announce another product that has an new lower price! The SR20 engine’s oil block tends to fail due to the weak oil filter sensor screw which oftens breaks. We at TOMEI had discovered the problem while we were competing in the professional N2 race series, here in Japan in the 90’s. So we designed this upgraded product which solved the problem. This was later discountined but due to it’s extremely popular demand we decided to re-release this product with an all new design. Now lighter than ever before, it also has the ports for the original OEM sensors for direct fitting as well. The failure of your oil block can lead to disasterous results with terminal engine failure. With all the time and money spent on your race engine this is an absolute must have upgrade to protect your investment. Especially with engines running a sandwhich plate or similar oil cooler this is an essential safety precaution. APPLICATION: NISSAN SR20DE(T) Engines PART NUMBER: 193068 NEW MSRP: $120.00 USD!! Check out more recent updates from our Power Channel 84 booklet too! If you would like a hardcopy version of this, please let us know by contacting us here.


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