Event: MOD 2011

The recent MOD event was a great success. Impressive turnout as always. To see more about how the event looked. Click on the image to find out! We had out booth there to support the event as usual. Showcasing our new products and upcoming new products for the EVO 10. This was one of the demo cars on display, a car that our friend Jason has. Here he is, setting up the display with the car. and here is Jason’s other white EVO 10. Sporting ADVAN wheels and Yokohama Advan tires. Our friend Matt Johnson from Yokohama Tire was there too, lending us a helping hand. And this was how our booth looked, next to Yokohama Tire USA. The white EVO that Jason has runs all our Tomei products available for his car. well there are many sites with the details on the event. So just enjoy the photos we have for you. Mitsubishi USA HQ the sign says it all The EVO area look at the turnout! one with roof racks too! ran out of space. Tomei EXPREME Ti The Eclipse area. The 3000 GT area these cars weren’t that popular in Japan, but they are in the US. a random Mitsubishi. Gallant Starions the demo car at the D-Sport booth the Pasmag booth, ARC, still looking good under the bonnet. Our friends from Cusco were there too. more Tomei Titanium exhausts. thank you to all those who stopped by our booth Here is Jason giving out free lessons. Looking forward to next years event!


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