Event: Asia Autosalon 2011 – Final Report

Well some might wonder what it’s like to work in this industry, and what’s it like to travel overseas to do an event such as the Asia Autosalon. Well let’s take a look then. In the opening shot, you can see one of our staff from the international business section, Mr. Sakurai. We were waiting for other members to turn up at Tokyo International Airport (Narita). This was the gate we went through to head off to Singapore. When we go there, we were greeted by one of the staff members of our dealers. ST Powered. Who took us to their shop. It’s interesting heading off to another country to see what the local car scene is like across the waters. Like this type of “green” transportation. Surprisingly, the weather in Singapore was much cooler than Tokyo’s. Our friends from Bride came for the trip too. They had a large booth at the event. Our friends from Australia, Haltech were at the event to showcase their new products. This R35 GTR also was tuned and powered with a Haltech Platinum Pro ECU. This is what our booth looked like on the setup day. the view from the other side. Next to us was our dealers booth. ST POWERED. Bride’s booth had a very nice R35 GTR. Love that Lambo Orange. Behind us, was OS Giken, who also came with us on the same flight. The OS booth was looking clean and had some nice products on display. OS Giken is very famous in Japan for their engineering quality and history. To have a better insider look at OS Giken, take a look at Dino’s (from Speedhunters.com) visit to OS Giken here. Here is our Expreme Ti Titanium exhaust hanging for easier viewing. Our new ARMS turbo range were on display too. We had some of the new up coming camshafts on display, including the prototype Honda K20 cams! The booth with our banners were ready for show day! Here are 2 of 3 Endurance race cars that ST Powered has for the upcoming 12 hour endurance race in September. 2 more Australian companies were there, Albins and Xtreme clutches. Sometimes, some trips are not all that glamorous as you’d might expect. This is the view from our penthouse suite (well maybe a bit lower grade than a penthouse suite). Someone has trouble with reception…. Singapore does have a lot of wonderful property, like what you see in the distance here. I wonder how often tropical storms come past. ECO bike for up to 3 people!! Here we wait for our taxi. Another hotel in a nearby area. Passing through a popular area. Some might know the area well. Or better at night. The show was not all about cars, this stand was all about bikes. they had some cool frames as well. Some of our staff here at Tomei are really into bikes. and other accessories as well. These Honda race cars looked good in Yellow. Nathan from Haltech had just arrived late the night before. Dave here has found a unit that needs an upgrade. This RX8 is also powered by a Haltech. 2 more Mazda’s at the show, one with a Haltech ECU. You can see how much Haltech loved us. No, he didn’t come for just the bottled water either. Singapore has some very nice high rise properties, but quite often the cost of living there is even higher than the living standards in Tokyo! Owning a car in Singapore is much higher than most other countries. With a 200% tax slapped on vehicles. You’d be surprised to see what cars cost there. But I guess it’s all for improving the roads and other standards in Singapore to make it what it is today. Here is one of the show days, how booth having a lot of visitors checking out our new products. Where’s Wally? The EXPO hall has a strong air conditioning system, which made it more comfortable to remain in there the whole day. Some other cars at the show. This car had some parts that weren’t from their original manufacturers. Looked good from a distance. Other cars we more genuine. ST Powered’s tuner, Furukawa-san. Kenneth Liang from ST Wangan came to help out as well. The Racepak dashes were popular too. a little crowed at times. working from 10am to 10pm will make the day go a bit slower. So it’s not all fun and games. Our Titanium exhaust was an eye catcher. The event organizers held a dinner party for the exhibitors on the Sunday night. To show their appreciation for those who came a long way to participate in the event. After the dinner, we were given a tour of Marina Bay. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino looked better in person. This building is very famous in Japan as it’s on a commercial that is aired nightly on TV  here in Japan. Singapore’s icon, The Merlion on Marina Bay, overlooks the harbour. The F1 track is in the background across the waters. When you have the chance, visit Singapore. It’s a beautiful city with wonderful friendly people. Looking forward to the next show! Event: Asia Autosalon 2011 – Drift Saturday Event: Asia Autosalon 2011 – Drift Saturday Night Event: Asia Autosalon 2011 – Drift Sunday Events: Asia AutoSalon in Singapore


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