Event: Tomei & ADVAN Sunny takes the Victory at Tsukuba JCCA Race!

The first race of the 2011 JCCA classic car race was at Tsukuba Circuit.

Tomei was also at the event on the day with a booth,

to help support the event.

We had our A Series race engine parts on display with other various products that we are distributing in Japan. Like the US brand products, PLX Devices.

Here we have another member of the Hirota-san family, handing out our new Power Channel 84 booklet.

Also with free stickers

We also had the charity fund raiser for the victims up north.

This #17 Sunny is also running the Tomei race engine.

Another Sunny powered by a Tomei race engine

the #24 ADVAN Tomei Sunny was driven by Satoru-san.

The Hirota Tomei Sunny #84 race car was piloted by the SuperGT driver, Masami-san.

His target of the day was the S30 Fairlady Z (240Z). That was his main rival.

Since Masami-san is one of the popular pro drivers in Japan, there were media there following him on the day too.

One of our engineers and the man behind the A12 race engines is Tahara-san. Here he is talking to Masami-san.

Lining up on the grid

And the #24 race car, the ADVAN Tomei Sunny was driven by Satoru-san. He was pushing the limits and was in second place on the previous race. He’s pushing for a higher rank this year.

You’ll often see both the #24 ADVAN Sunny and #84 Hirota Tomei Sunny side by side, as these cars are closely matched.

There were 2 Fairlady Z cars in the race. These cars had the extra advantages of better aerodynamics and a much larger engine capacity which gives them the advantage on the back straight.

Upon entering certain corners, the cars are up side by side so there are times when contact is made. This happens quite often.

You can see the owner of the car on the left, Hirota-san, with Tahra-san standing by the Sunny car door.

Some needed attention.

Tahara-san is overlooking the #84 Sunny, but this is not the only car he is supporting on the day.

Each class had heated battles as everyone was giving it their best on the day. So Tahara-san was also offering his support to the other cars who are also running the Tomei Race Engines that he built.

the video media crew in the #84 Hirota Tomei Sunny pit garage.

But with the 15 lap race, the #84 race car had to do an urgent pit in.

it wasn’t good.

Regrettably, the car had to retire due to transmission problems.

as for the race, the ADVAN Tomei Sunny stepped up to take on the Fairlady Z. This has been an all too common scene at Tsukuba Circuit, as the tight course not only allows the higher powered cars to have the advantage, the lighter cars can also benefit at the tighter slower corners at other sections of the track. The Sunny later powered into victory to take the win in the F-1 class.

The winners with their hard earned trophies on this scorching hot day.

the 2 popular Tomei Powered Sunnys, side by side.

The winner of the day

The next race is on the 23rd of October at Tsukuba circuit.

See you there!


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