Events: CyberEVO at WTAC SYDNEY!

The time is near…

With the WTAC just a couple of days away. The CyberEVO car is already in Sydney Australia at Eastern Creek Raceway.

The crew and driver TARZAN, will be already in Sydney as well. Preparing the car for test runs from tomorrow.

Mr. Voltex himself, Nakajima-san will be hard at work again, finishing the final preparations on the car. He’s highly dedicated to the arts.

CyberEVO will be running ADVANS as usual,

as they have been using ADVAN tires for years.

AME wheels as well to hold that wide fat stick rubber.

With the new engine setup, sporting more TOMEI POWERED products than last year.

The car has been under the knife with added weight reductions and more aerodynamic improvements.

This year the heat will be turned up, down under!

TARZAN in his office! Not taking any calls this time.

How’s the ride height?

The road ahead, still has more surprises and opportunities.

Keep your eyes on the triple diamond attack by CyberEVO and Tarzan!! THIS FRIDAY & SATURDAY!!


Thanks to Mark Boxer at Hoon Media for the Video, Yokohama Tire Australia, WTAC and all our Tomei supporters. We will all do our best to bring you more exciting products for you all to enjoy your cars, and win races.



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