Hyundai Genesis Expreme Ti in South Korea!

The Tomei EXPREME Ti in Korea, a growing trend on Korean drift cars! Mr. Sung-min from South Korea contacted us last week to let us know about the growing popularity of our EXPREME Ti titanium exhausts in Korea. This car was one of those which is fitted with the Tomei EXPREME Ti cat back exhaust. This car is being used for Drift competitions and events. In South Korea there are the amateur series DDGT, with Hankook Tire as the title sponsor of this event. This car will be in the DDGT series, which will have 20-30 participants. The track event will have 60-90 participants. Cars SpecsTomei Expreme Ti – Full Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System. – Engine (some basic engine upgrades with an aftermarket ECU) – Chassis and Suspension parts (DG-5, MOS OFFICE, CUSCO) – Suspension Arms (Cusco & MOS OFFICE) – Brakes (6 Pot Calipers, performance pads, and rotors) – Others (modified brake parts) Drifting is becoming popular world wide, and South Korea is no exception. Even the F1GP track also holds some Drift events. You can also click on the below image to read a more in-depth explanation about the EXPREME Ti Mufflers.   EXPREME Ti


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