Event: D1GP Tokyo Drift – Part 2

Now for Part 2 of the D1GP Tokyo Drift from the weekend.

It was a hot sunny weekend and very bright too. Here are a few of our ARMS turbos on display in our booth.

JC from Autoworks Magazine (France) was there to capture every moment for the French fans who read Autoworks Magazine.

Our good friends Andy & Emily from Power Vehicles dropped by to say hi. They have a very cool Drift Blog as well called Drift Life. Check it out when you have time.

The Godfather (Dino) shows up with his bodyguards. Joking! Here we have Jean-Christophe Pepino or Autoworks Magazine, Dino Dalle Carbonare from Speedhunters.com and Aaron Mai from NZ Performance Magazine.

Here is the cut away model of our Technical Trax LSD!

Here is Mr. Satoi, our Japan Sales Manager, showing us that he is not a fan of the heat.

EXPREME header and downpipe mounted on the ARMS turbo.

The Fuji TV station building,

serves as a great backdrop for some shots at D1GP Tokyo.

D1GP Tokyo Drift – Part 1

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