Tomei Complete RB26 C.Head on an RB30 build.

Here is a new build coming along, this time in Belgium! This RB is a 3 Litre version, a lethal RB30DET setup. With a huge “T” hanging off it too! This cylinder head is a brand new performance assembly that we have in our product line, Genesis Complete Head Assembly for the RB26. We have 2 spec. options available. The full specs on this head can be found here. We have also marked the head lining with our trademark logo. The benefits with our complete head assemblies are, the heads are 100% brand new direct from Nissan. With our long tuning experience, meticulously logged data on each engine (in this case, the RB26, we have data folders thick recorded since 1989).  Our Chief Master Engine Meister has been here since 1990, and continues to build performance and race assemblies. He meticulously oversees each and every assembly done as well. The well known points that requires attention are all addressed and corrected. The porting has been done by hand for an optimized entry level setup. This gives the head maximum life as we make sure that there is still more “room to grow” when needed. Since there is no way to make a “one type suits all”, our engineers had checked all our previous order history records and performance trends, prior to the decision on this blueprint design. This car will be build for Time Attack use. Stay tuned for more updates later on. Thank you to Tom @ Custom Import Arts


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