Video: Drift Colours – Ep.2 – Ebisu Circuit Meet The Drivers Part 1

Here is the next installment for the Drift Colours video series.

Here you can see some of the drivers who have travelled all the way to Japan, just to drift at Ebisu Circuit.

After the successful release of Drift Colors : Episode 1 we are back again with Episode 2. The Drift Colors crew hit ground level and get up close and personal with some of the people that travel from around the world and locally to participate in the Ebisu drift matsuri.

We will introduce you to more drivers in the part 2 episode that will be released in the not to distant feature. But whats next for episode 3 you ask? We go one on one with one of the most skillful female drivers in the drift scene, Sumika Kubokawa. Expect more in your face drifting action and a very cool interview.


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