Tomei User: RB27 RWD Drift Skyline – Urban Racing Part2

This is an update from the previous post of Urban Racing’s Drift Skyline. It’s engine has actually been swapped. for an RB27! This RB27 engine is packing a lot of Tomei products too. ENGINE SPECS Tomei Forged Pistons 87.0mm Tomei Forged H-Beam Conrods Tomei PONCAM Camshafts 260° Tomei Competition Bearings Tomei Adjustable Camshaft Pulleys Tomei Timing Belt Tomei Metal Head Gasket 1.5mm Tomei Head Studs Tomei Main Studs Tomei EXPREME Manifold Tomei EXPREME Outlet Pipes Tomei 700cc Injectors Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Tomei Oversized Oil Pump Tomei Fuel Pump Tomei RB26DETT Ornament Plate Tomei Oil Filler Cap You can see the car that this engine is in by clicking on the image below (Part 1) Supported by Urban Racing Team W-AUSTOSPORT Driver William LAURETTE URBAN RACING –


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