Here is our all new product for the B310. Exclusive Design. More refined profile, a reproduction from the TS Series race days. In the past TS Series Races, and the current JCCA Races, the TOMEI B110 Sunny has continued finishing in the top ranks. The Tomei exhaust manifold used in the same B110 Sunny is now even more refined with our all new exclusive design just for the Datsun Sunny B310. It is a must have item for anyone who wants to go that one step higher. To be faster than your rivals to gain the additional advantage to win races. FINAL SPEC FOR CARBURETED ENGINES The piping length, diameter, thickness, and collection area’s profiles from the TS Race days is replicated by our craftsman from that period. The flanges on the engine side is adopted with 7 holding points for securing high reliability fixture. HIGH FLOW FLANGELESS LAYOUT Exhaust efficiency is pursued by adopting the slide joints. REQUIRED BODY MODIFICATIONS Modification to the body floor is required to allow clearance, since the layout is made with pure race performance as the main priority. Other areas are refined so those sections will not need modifications. MSRP $3,330 (USD) Part Number: 193090 PDF FLYER A4 Format Version Letter Format Version


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