Bery Rings – For EVO 10 4B11 Engines

The all new Bery Rings for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 4B11 engines. The Tomei Bery Rings are made from Beryllium alloy. This alloy helps increase the durability of the valve seat, has minimal wear resistance and increases effective heat dissipation for the valves. This material helps extract the heat from the valves as the cylinder head has the ability to remove heat via the water lines. This then increases the life of the valves so the engine can cope with higher power outputs and higher stress loads to meet the current trends of todays motorsports environment. We named our performance seat rings Bery-Ring because it is made from Beryllium Copper. MATERIAL : Made from Beryllium Copper FULL SET FOR 1 ENGINE APPLICATION MSRP $480.00 PART NUMBER: 163102 INTAKE SIDE ONLY MSRP $30.00 (USD) PART NUMBER: 161106 EXHAUST SIDE ONLY MSRP $30.00 (USD) PART NUMBER: 161107 NOTE: Image shown above is of the Tomei Bery Rings for the Nissan RB26DETT. Website Catalog


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