Reinforced Bolts – 4AG Flywheel Bolts

These reinforced flywheel bolts was what we used for the 10,000+ RPM Genesis Engine in D1GP.

Back in the early days of D1Gp when Ueo Katsuhiro was at the top of the list, his AE86 was powered by a Tomei Genesis 4AG engine. This engine was a special one designed to meet Ueos needs of high RPM and to maintain reliability during the multiple rounds of D1GP competition each season.

Since Ueo was always pushing the limit of the car and his skills, the constant 10,000 RPM engine speeds required these reinforced flywheel bolts to keep it all together. How we know is because we have seen the stock ones fail. As always, our products are always tested on real world applications prior to release. Thus the reason for the extended time on each product release, and we still revise them later when we find more ways to improve each products design.

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Here is a video made for ADVAN by Hoon Media. Techno Pro Spirits N2 Race car is built for high end race use with Tomei parts.


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