New Products: EXPREME Ti for Subaru Impreza GDB

The all new EXPREME Titanium Exhaust for the Subaru Impreza GDB models A-D (2002-2007) is NOW AVAILABLE! The moment all your Subaru owners have been waiting for is now here! Here is the complete kit package. So a new alternative to the factory delivered stock heavy weight exhaust system. Our cat back exhaust system is completely Titanium ( except for the springs, bolts, nuts, clamp band, gasket and the fiberglass internal sound reducer) . The piping is made into 3 seperate pieces, this helps with logistics and storage. So easier to take it apart after track events and easy for handling and storage. All additional parts are supplied so you can bolt it straight onto your car, out of the box! Clean consistent welds with that Titanium killer looks! The test results as done on the Dyno in Japan. For more details, click here EXPREME Ti


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