NISMO: Our Special Nismo Inventory Search System

Here is the online search system of the Nismo products we have in stock in the US now. This tool is very handy for our dealers who need to check our inventory stocked items in the US. When you go to the site (click on the image below for the link), all you have to do is enter the keyword(s) into the search box and the results will show almost instantly. To see the complete list of what we do have in stock now, all you have to do it leave the search box blank, and hit the [SEARCH] button. Being a master distributor for NISMO Japan of the Competition Parts range, we can supply NISMO products pretty quick. Tomei has weekly air cargo shipments to the US. So delivery time to the US is kept at a minium. NISMO Search System NISMO Inventory Search System Tomei Powered Inc.


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