New Products: PROCAM for 4B11

With another addition to the 4B11 engine performance product range. Here are the new Tomei PROCAM range.

These suit the latest Valve Springs we have recently released.

MSRP $290.00 (USD) per cam.

$580.00 (USD) a pair.


Unlike other aftermarket camshaft makers, our camshafts are made from our own original camshaft cores. Not re-grinded modified stock camshafts. All 100% new.


This is the reason why our camshafts can still retain the stock OEM variable valve timing feature (MIVEC). We have designed our camshaft cores with the MIVEC oil lines to suit. With the right valve timing setting on each cam.

Click on the image below to download and read more detail on this great new products from TOMEI POWERED!

Also available, just released is the Tomei Valve Springs to suit the hi lift and larger duration camshaft profiles of the PROCAMS. To read more on these Valve Springs, click on the image below!


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