USER’S VOICE: Plus 1 Aoki RB28

Demonstrating the Full Potential of the RB26,

Words from Mr. Teruhisa Aoki of Plus 1 Aoki

We have been working on several RB26, but the benefit of stroke increase is great. With the torque becoming lively like a large displacement car from low speed range with just a little throttle, it is clear that even with a city driving car can tell the difference from initial launch. Because the crankshaft is adopted with response in consideration, it will rev up to 8000 rpm without any hesitation and allows to draw the full potential of the RB26. By increasing the capacity of the engine itself, the synergy of camshafts and turbo replacement allows realization for pleasure of driving. When you hear of engine kit, it seems to focus an attention only on the crankshaft, but the piston profile design and connecting rod manufacturing method is closely thought about in TOMEI POWERED RB28 KIT, and there is confidence with these points. With the second generation GT-R owners thinking of overhauling the engine soon, it is a very attractive menu that can be recommended to wide variety of users from street to circuit users.


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