Price Drop!: Tomei 4AG Poncams and Procams Camshafts

Great news for 4AGE owners! The Tomei 4AG camshafts for the 16valve engines are now available at a much lower price.

For those who have always loved Tomei, now you can love Tomei even more with a new pricing on our range of products.  We are always looking at how to improve our production methods to help reduce unwanted overheads. This means that we can pass the savings to you, by offering our products at a lower price.

When we used to support the famous D1GP driver, Katsuhiro Ueo. All the engine developements and testing on our new products at that time, went through vigorous testing for a number of years.

This was the race engine that was built for Ueo’s D1GP machine to rev to 10,000 RPM. Of course, Ueo would often push it more.

NEW MSRP: $320.00 USD (each cam)

Stay tuned for more. We are in the process of designing 4AG camshafts for the 20Valve engines too.

Here is one of the old videos we found on youTube. Listen to the engine.


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